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Being a recent returning priestess to the religion of Lukumi (that’s a whole story in itself) I’ve been researching the religion, mainly via posts dug up from my godfather Afolabi, who passed on- and others who I used to be connected to. The purpose is mainly to keep track of all this information so I can build my religious knowledge (now that I’m old enough to grasp it all) and to educate friends/the public/anyone who is interested. I’d rather them hear it from reputable sources and not sites that claim we are beaten by our elders with sticks. 🙂  

-Oloshunde (Olo Oshún Ibú Ikolé/Asojáno)

Basics, Ways of Worship

  • How the religion came to the Americas, worship of Egun (ancestors), steps toward Osha (initiation), Adura (pray) and the process of accessing power. Credit to Clayton Keck, Afolabi/Shloma Rosenberg.

  • About Olorun, God of the Lukumi faith. Credit to Clay Keck, Afolabi/Shloma Rosenberg.



  • All about the mojuba prayer. An outline of the prayer, what it means, and why we do it.  Credit to Miguel “Willie” Ramos.



  • “Witchcraft and Paranoia”: Why bad things happen, the effect of negativity, and why not to fear “witchcraft”. Credit to Clay Keck, Afolabi/Shloma Rosenberg.

  • A long but great article about how the Lukumi religion is affected by the creation of the internet. Credit to Miguel “Willie” Ramos.

  • Takes some time to read, but definitely funny. The dangers of putting your trust in the wrong person to teach you a religion. Credit to Clay Keck, Afolabi/Shloma Rosenberg.

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